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Family Visas

Family Visas


The Minister of Immigration has the power to 'cap' or limit the number of visas that are granted each year. When the cap is reached, applicants then have to wait for visa consideration in a following year, subject to places becoming available.

Unfortunately, in some case the cap is quite low and therefore making the wait very long


Queued applications are considered in order of their queue date as places become available.
Numbers in the queue are subject to:

  • changes to planning levels
  • changes in demand for a particular visa
  • fluctuations due to visa grants, refusals and withdrawals
  • fluctuations due to successful review cases which are given priority.

The Family visas category is for people who have family members in Australia willing to sponsor them.

There are many visa options in this category and every situation is different, so I recommend that you contact our office for an in-depth review.

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