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Student Visa - Subclass 500

Student Visa - Subclass 500


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About this visa

This visa is for international students who want to study one of the following:

  • VET certificate I, II, III and IV
  • VET diploma
  • VET advanced diploma
  • Vocational graduate certificate; or
  • Vocational graduate diploma
  • Bachelor degree
  • Associate degree
  • Graduate certificate
  • Graduate diploma
  • Masters by coursework
  • Higher Education diploma
  • Higher Education advanced diploma
  • Masters by research
  • Doctorate degree

Important: Before you apply for this visa, you must have been accepted to study full-time at an educational institution in Australia.

Who is this visa for?

This visa is for you if you want to do one of the following:

  • apply for your first student visa
  • apply for subsequent student visa
  • apply to join a family member who is in Australia on a student visa.

If you are applying in Australia for this visa, you must either be the current holder of a qualifying visa or have held a certain visa no more than 28 days prior to lodging your application.

Applicants can be outside or inside Australia to apply for this visa.


If you are applying in Australia for this visa, you must meet the following specific requirements:

  • Be accepted in full-time study
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement
  • Financial requirements
  • Health requirements
  • Purchase Health insurance for the whole period of the visa
  • English language skills
  • Academic record and history
  • Character requirements
  • Have no debts to the Australian government

What does this visa let me do?

With this visa:

  • you can study in Australia
  • eligible dependant family members can accompany you to Australia
  • you and your family members receive permission to limited work
  • your spouse can study in Australia for up to three months.
  • enter Australia multiple times

What is the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement?

We never wish to see a student visa refusal but when it rarely happens it is due to the applicant not meeting the GTE requirement.

The GTE requirement is a tool that the Department of Immigration uses to consider a number of your circumstances and make a decision whether or not you are a “genuine student”.

The factors are as follows:

  1. Circumstances in your home country
  2. Your potential circumstances in Australia
  3. Value of the course to your future
  4. Your immigration history
  5. Intentions of the parent, legal guardian or spouse - where the applicant is under 18
  6. Other relevant matters

To meet the GTE requirement of the student visa it is very important that you provide a Statement of Purpose. This statement should explain why you wish to study in Australia and cover all the positives of the factors above.

If some factors count against you, then use this statement to address them and put a light on the matter.

In some cases the processing officer might call you and ask you questions about your reasons for study in Australia.

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